ADIFF 2012 Review: “La pirogue” and African …

ADIFF 2012 Comment: “La pirogue” and African … One of the two gala screenings set for 20th upcoming edition of the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF), La pirogue TourĂ© is the third film in the last twenty years, as a student effort on the TGV (1998) is a film about survival … Read more about
Senegalese film “La pirogue” Wins Golden Tanit in Carthage Film Festival 2012 Tunisia – Senegalese film “La pirogue” (pirogue), directed by Moussa Toure has won the Golden Tanit in Carthage Film Festival 2012, the jury announced on Saturday evening, the closing ceremony of the festival. Silver Tanit went to “Dead … Read more about

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